Education & Training
Family Therapy and  Professional Development

At Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre, we believe that professional development and short courses are essential for professionals in the health and human services field looking to stay up-to-date and expand their knowledge.

Williamsroad has been delivering University based postgraduate training in Family and Systemic Therapy since 1995. In 2003 the program was upgraded to a Masters in Family and Systemic Therapy. Many of our graduates have gone on to hold very senior positions in mental and community health in Australia and overseas.

The Masters qualifications is also accredited by the Australian Association of Family Therapy which is the professional association for Family and Systemic Therapists.

We offer specialist postgraduate training programs, including short intensive programs from leading experts in Family and Systemic Therapy, providing cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices.

Looking to deepen your existing knowledge or explore a new area of focus? Our high-quality courses will not disappoint.

Family Therapy & Professional Development Courses

Williamsroad specialises in Family and Systemic Therapy and we deliver highly engaging and practical  Family and Systemic Therapy training.

We consider workforce development an essential service and we support the next generation of therapists to use evidence-based best practices in Individual, Systemic & Family Therapy.