About Us
Founded in 1979 by Moshe Lang and Peter McCallum as the first private Family Therapy centre which integrated clinical Family Therapy practice and training. WRFTC continues to be a hub for a growing community of Family Therapists in Australia.

In 1997, Dr Sophie Holmes became co-director with Moshe Lang, and in 2003 became the sole Director of the Centre. The original premises in Windsor provided the name, and in 2012 the Centre moved to its new home at 298 Hawthorn Road in Caulfield.

The Caulfield premises is designed specifically for the practice of Family and Systemic Therapy. The building and gardens have the feel of a family home, and each consulting room is warm and welcoming, especially for children and young people. The largest room is purpose built for education, training, and group work. The integrated audio-visual systems connect the rooms to facilitate live supervision and team reflection and collaboration.

Who are we?

Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre (WRFTC) is a private practice and training group, and a Family Therapy Research Centre located in the inner Melbourne suburb of Caulfield.

We provide clinical, counselling, educational and developmental psychology, mental health social work, counselling and family therapy for individuals, couples, and families.

We deliver introductory and advanced training and clinical supervision to experienced mental health professionals wishing to develop a specialisation in Family and Systemic Therapy.

Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre is committed to providing culturally safe, research-informed therapy delivered with compassion, understanding and care. We work collaboratively so all the family members’ voices can be heard.

Our Vision

Our vision is to intentionally co-create emotionally and culturally safe healing processes, such that when hardships, losses or conflicts occur, family and community systems are well-equipped to remain emotionally connected, find a way through, and bounce back. We are in this process together, as clients' therapists, students, researchers and teachers, taking feedback and learning to do it the best we can.

Our Mission

“To ease distress, one good conversation at a time.”

As a group of family therapists, we are continuously learning and teaching the next generation of Family Therapists. We are focused on improving the quality of mental health and community care using leading-edge ideas and practices of  Systemic & Family Therapy.

We join individuals, couples, and families as they seek help to heal from trauma, to improve their emotional connections and interaction, to change behavior, and to reduce tension and conflict.