Attachment Narrative Family Therapy Level 2

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Course Overview

Focused on Child and adolescent Depression, Including ANT Adaptation for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS)

This program is a follow-up advanced intensive skills development supervision program and includes training notes. Rudi Dallos will provide supervision and skill development role-play. 

Because ANT is not prescriptive, the program focuses on refining individual therapists’ skills in organising and sequencing session, identify narrative markers, supporting change processes and adapting it to different families and contexts. 

The program will focus on ANT adaptation for autism spectrum disorder (ADS).

The program will deepen understanding and skills in systemic-attachment conceptualisation and the use of narrative in presenting the formulation to families and in the uses of language in treatment teams. The aim to form a secure-enough treatment system which can facilitate the family rebuilding and repairing  relational ruptures, build and/or rebuild an emotionally protective, secure-enough parent-child relationship.

Attendance is strictly limited to 20 people.

The Level 2 course is appropriate for those who have completed the Level 1 program.

When :

To be confirmed

Duration :

9 hrs delivered in 3x3 hour evening sessions, 5.00-8.00pm


On Zoom


Prof Rudi Dallos

Cost :

 $0.00 AUD (Inc. GST)

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