WRFTC Clinic
The Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre Clinic

The WRFTC Family Therapy Clinic was established during Covid Lockdown in 2020 to meet the demand of individuals, couples and families who have difficulty finding counselling and psychological services in public or private mental health sectors.

Welcome to The WRFTC Clinic

The team of practitioners staffing The WRFTC Clinic are fully qualified, skilled and experienced professionals who are training to become clinical Family Therapists. They are all enrolled in the Master of Family and Systemic Therapy. These practitioners are designated as Family and Systemic Therapy Registrars and are closely supervised by the Senior Leadership Team.

What does The Williamsroad Family Therapy Centre Clinic Offer?

Family and Systemic Therapy (FST) Registrars offer cycles of 4 sessions, and a review session which includes a Reflective Team session. Some families will need more than one cycle of 4 sessions plus a review.

All the sessions are recorded to ensure the precision of service delivery and ongoing clinical skills development.

The 4 sessions also include a reflecting team session which provides the family feedback from the FST Registrar’s team.

What is a Reflecting team?

The Reflective Team model is a unique component of service delivery that is well researched and has been used since the 1990s at WRFTC and is used in England, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain and other European countries.

The Reflective Team observes the therapy session, and towards the end of the session, the action switches, and the individuals and/or family members listen and observe a team of four experienced professionals, including a Senior Leader member having an open dialogue about what they witnessed in the session.

The individuals and family hear the perspectives of witnesses to their experience. The vast majority of individuals and families are interested to hear from other professionals, and these multiple perspectives contribute to long-lasting and meaningful change.

WRFTC Clinic

Williamsroad Family Therapy Registrars

Family Therapy Registrars are experienced and registered professionals currently specializing in Family and Systemic.

Family and Systemic Therapy (FST) Registrars offer 4 sessions and a review session, which includes a Reflective Team session that provides the family feedback from the FST Registrar’s team.

All the sessions are recorded to ensure ongoing clinical skills development and precision of service delivery to the individuals and families participating in this process.

Our Registrars

Lousia Tamla
Rachel Shackland

Intake and Allocation

Private Practitioners and Registrars

All clients seeking individual, couple or family therapy come through reception. All new client's contact details are sent to the WRFTC Intake Clinician, Shira Kaspi, who discusses the client’s specific circumstances and concerns that motivated them to contact WRFTC.

Based on the specific needs of the clients, Shira outlines the options and practitioners available.

Shira may suggest that an appropriately qualified and experienced Registrar is the best option. The client details will be sent to the Coordinator of the Registrar program, Adrien Dorembus.

If a private practitioner is the best option, the client details are sent to the practitioner who then arranges to meet their clients.


All clients seen by the private practitioner at WRFTC are clients of that therapist. Therapists set their own fees and manage their practice.

All clients seen by a Registrar are clients of WRFTC, and the WRFTC sets the fees and manages the accounts.

Our Sessions & Processes

Sessions are conducted either face-to-face at the WRFTC Caulfield premises or via Zoom.

Therapists and Registrars are responsible for advising clients of the date, time, and location of the appointment, including forwarding the Zoom link details where relevant.


The FTC client fee is $70 per session (for both therapy and review sessions) when payments are made prior to or on the day of the session. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or by credit card on site on the day of the session using the EFTPOS machine.

Clients who require an invoice and wish to pay after their appointment will incur an additional administration cost of $10 per session.