Family & Systematic Therapy
Brings the family members together to listen, heal emotional wounds, mobilise resources,  improve relationships and to face the challenges of life together.

Families have found unique ways of coping with trauma, losses, and hardships of life.

Our therapists create an emotionally and culturally safe space where the issues can be unpacked, and difficult conversations can take place peacefully.

We approach problems with compassion for everyone and conduct the session with precision and care but without criticism, blame or judgement.

What is Family & Systemic Therapy?

A space for intimate and difficult conversations, supporting adaptive changes to managing emotions and behaviours.

Family & Systemic Therapy explores the trauma, the cascading losses, the stresses and pressures and how these experiences have impacted the way we interact and express our emotions.

Family and Systemic Therapists focus on improving how we interact and what we say to each other.

When interactions are kinder and calmer, we know the distress and other symptoms are reduced, and all family members benefit.

The Experience of Family Therapy

Family & Systemic Therapy helped
  • “...We found a way to talk openly and honestly without it turning into a huge fight... the tension is much less... we have good times together...“
  • “We can listen to our daughter (15yr) love and support her... and stop blaming ourselves for all the things we wished we had done better.”
  • “...We’ve stopped blaming and judging... We’re in this together and we can talk things through. “
  • “It’s actually calmed things down,...  I can hold back my razor tongue... and we can apologise and forgive mistakes... this never happened when I was growing up...”

Medicare & Referrals

Private Practice Practitioners

Fees are set by each Private Practice Practitioner and vary according to the practitioner. For current fees, please contact the Williamsroad reception or your therapist.

Medicare Rebate

To claim Medicare rebates, you must obtain a referral from your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician prior to your first appointment.

Medicare provides rebates for 10 sessions per calendar year. You may attend additional sessions out of pocket.